As a healthcare professional, you are already aware that the information collected from genetic testing can significantly improve the quality of care and increase the personalization of treatment you provide your patients. The future of genetic testing is now, but how do you sort through the science, the terminology and the insights to better understand how genetics and genetic testing not only impacts your patients but also your practice?

Join your LUGPA colleagues for our Ask a Genetic Counselor Forum, where a Certified Genetic Counselor will provide education and answer the questions you have. Discuss challenges, opportunities and controversies related to testing and the impact it can have on ordering physicians, patients and their families.  

    Dr. Mara Holton

Welcome to our 2nd season of the Ask a Genetic Counselor Forum. The next webinar for this season is:

Incorporating “no surprise billing” into informed consent

May 24, 2022 @ 5 PM (EST)

Dr. Mara Holton, CEO and President of AAUrology and LUGPA Board Member, will be joining Rob Finch, Certified Genetic Counselor in this episode. The webinar will include:

  • Review of LUGPA’s health policy on the no surprises act
  • Discussion regarding good faith estimates and balance billing
  • Demonstration of how this topic can be incorporated into informed consent for genetic/genomic testing
  • Opportunity for you to ask questions

Join us and hear firsthand how you could include no surprise billing into your informed consent conversations!

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Rob Finch is a Certified Genetic Counselor.  He graduated with a Masters Degree in Human Genetics from the University of Pittsburgh in May 2001.  Rob worked at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center from May 2001 to September 2003, where he led the Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Registry, as well as provided risk assessment and genetic testing to patients through the Clinical Genetics Service.  In September 2003, Rob joined the Myriad Genetics Team, where he has served as a Regional Medical Specialist and Institutional Account Executive for the Oncology Division and currently serves as a Medical Science Liaison for the Urology Division. Rob works to educate and provide clinical support to healthcare providers who treat prostate cancer for Myriad’s myRisk, BRACAnalysis CDx, and Prolaris.


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