Scott B. Sellinger, MD

Dr. Sellinger has been a partner at Southeastern Urological Center, now a division of Advanced Urology Institute, for the past 27 years. He received his BS degree in Chemistry from Syracuse University and attended Medical School at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He completed his Urology residency at the University of Florida and has lived in Tallahassee since 1991. He was President of the Capital Medical Society in 2003 and served as President of the Florida Urological Society in 2005. In March 2018, he became President of the Southeastern Section of the AUA, where he has been an active board member since 2001.

Dr. Sellinger has developed a special interest in risk management and prevention of medical errors and has lectured extensively on this subject matter over the past several years. He is also interested in large group practice development and management. As President of Southeastern Urological Center in Tallahassee, he serves on the Board of Advanced Urology Institute, representing his care center in one of the largest independent urology practices in the US. He is Chairman of the Advanced Prostate Cancer (APC) Committee and oversees five APC clinics. At the national level, Dr. Sellinger serves on the AACU Board as well as the LUGPA Board of Directors. At LUGPA, he helps represent over 2300 Urologists by working to preserve and advance the independent practice of urology.