LUGPA Launches UroMA Training Course for Medical Assistants


LUGPA’s newly-launched UroMA course is intended for medical assistants and provides information about the role of a medical assistant working in a urology practice. 

The UroMA: LUGPA’s Essential Urology Training for Medical Assistants online course covers important topics related to medical assisting in a urology practice. This program is an interactive online learning experience broken down into seven modules.  Participants may complete each module at their own pace.  Before during and after the course, the learner will complete assessments, so they can continually check their progress.  Participants may also go back and review any part of the course at any time, and retake post-course assessments. At the end of the course participants will obtain a certificate of completion after passing the post-course assessment. 


Learning Outcomes

Completing the UroMA: LUGPA’s Essential Urology Training for Medical Assistants is a great way to expand a Medical Assistant's role in the urology practice.  By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate professionalism and perform administrative office procedures in a urology practice.
  • Recognize and use medical terminology for the body systems, diagnostic and therapeutic processes, including drugs associated with urology.
  • Understand clinical responsibilities, including preparing patients for examination and assisting the urologist with procedures, and collection and processing specimens.


The course is intended to provide awareness and knowledge of the role of a medical assistant in a urology practice and an overview of processes of the urology practice.  Since there is variation among urology practices, participants should consult with their supervisor or manager about specific administrative and clinical processes that are used at their practice.  This course is not a certificate program or accredited as an educational degree or continuing education program. 


Practice Administrators should sign up their staff here. This training program is FREE to all members of LUGPA group practices. To register a medical assistant into the UROMA program, simply click here and enter the names and e-mail addresses of the individuals you would like to take the course.  

If you have questions, or if you'd like to register multiple people for the program, contact Sommer Thornton at [email protected]