Asinof Retires from Urology Center of Colorado and LUGPA Board   


Mr. Asinof (left) was honored
by Dr. Harris at the February
2020 LUGPA Board Meeting
for his service as a Board
member and Treasurer.

At the end of June, Robert D. Asinof, MHSA, retires from his CEO position at the Urology Center of Colorado. He has been the administrator of the group since 1992, and has more than 35 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He will also be retiring from the LUGPA Board at that time.

Dave Carpenter, CEO of Minnesota Urology, has been appointed to complete Mr. Asinof’s term as Treasurer on the LUGPA Board of Directors, through November 2020.

“Bob has been a wonderful asset to the LUGPA Board for the past 12 years,” said LUGPA President Richard Harris, MD. “We appreciate his astute attention to the Association’s long-term financial health, and I attribute our current fiscal well-being to his sound judgement and keen foresight. During his tenure, Bob's insights were instrumental in helping direct the course of the organization. He will be sorely missed.”